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OpenDBX is an extremely lightweight but extensible database access library written in C. It provides an abstraction layer to all supported databases with a single, clean and simple interface that leads to an elegant code design automatically. If you want your application to support different databases with little effort, this is definitively the right thing for you!

  1. Get a picture
    1. Introduction
    2. Backends / Platforms
    3. Comparison
  2. Setup OpenDBX
    1. Unix-like systems
    2. Windows
    3. MacOS X
    4. Common problems
  3. Using OpenDBX
    1. Configuration
    2. C API
    3. C++ API
    4. Supported data types
    5. Command line utility
    6. Test application
  4. Resources
    1. Download
    2. Bug tracker
    3. Mailing list
    4. Gmane mailing list archive
    5. SVN repository
  5. Known problems
  6. Future development

OpenDBX users

An Open Source Relational DB Solution for Pharo Smalltalk programming langague
C library for producing DKIM-aware applications and an open source milter for providing DKIM service
A modern, advanced and high performance authoritative-only nameserver with an OpenDBX backend